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Default Re: Nvidia 6200 and ATI RS480/482 chipset incompatibilities

To repeat:

Originally Posted by doctor-frog
have you any suggestions for getting bug info off of it? I'd certainly try to help within my ability. . . .

also, again: how widespread is the problem thought to be?
clearly there are more than a few with this issue, and decent graphics cards are not inexpensive ... . (and even with the cheapies, I'd still have spent my hard-earned money expecting one of the most basic and necessary components of my box actually to work.)

i will help if i possibly can. the daily crashes just aren't doing it for me -- nor, i suspect for the many others. but getting advice from the source is important.



ALTERNATIVELY: Does anyone at Nvidia know -- or do any other posters? -- of a video card chipset (Nvidia or otherwise) in about the same price range as the 6200SE, or maybe one degree up, that does NOT produce the same kind of crashes with Linux, Nvidia drivers, and the RS480/482 motherboard chipset? -- i.e., one that works like it should do?

Recommendations, please? I really shouldn't have to switch out the video card so soon on a brand new box, but i will, if that's what it will take and a fix isn't forthcoming.

what about the GeForce 7300? any known issues with that one? how does it compare in specs with the 6200se?
what about the 6600? I don't see anything on the forum to suggest there's a problem with that.

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