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Default Re: ***Official NFS: Most Wanted Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by keith33
Just finished the game, pretty pissed off at the ending myself, total BS spending nearly an hour deking the cops then getting a "congrats, you win" line of text. I used the Mercedes SLR to win, still like the car better than the M3 GTR or any of the "exotics", there's something about it, looks like a rocket.
I use the 911 turbo S

It is much faster on the pull away because it is the only high-end car that doesn't slip and slide as it pulls away. It looks like it has traction control where all the other cars don't.

The carrera GT looks ugly and the SLR's handling is worse than the others.

I wish they could have allowed us to customized the M3. I have been wanting the M3 since NFS U1. Only now did we get it, but then they went and did this.
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