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Wink Re: NFORCE Network drivers not working

I have SUSE10.0 and a GeForce mb. Herewith what worked for me. Very simple, once I sat and thought about it: -

The first thing is that it must be a boot from power off (ie, unplugged for at least 10 seconds) to remove whatever is set by XP that locks up the on-board network card.

Then, ensure that all Linux kernel updates have been applied prior to installing the NFORCE network and sound drivers from the NVIDIA file downloaded to root. Essential, because any kernel update wipes out the necessary associations requiring a re-install.

The default forcedeth driver is determined to cling on, so create the file nvnet in etc/modprobe.d with the lines alias forcedeth off and alias eth0 nvnet, and re-boot. Check forcedeth hasn't loaded (nvnet won't have loaded either, I suspect this problem is similar to that needing the power off boot after running Windows). Run modprobe nvnet and check that it is now loaded. Open the network devices GUI and manually configure network card configuration – advanced – hardware details - module name from forcedeth to nvnet.

Internet access will now be available and the system will consistently reboot from off or restart to these settings. It will aslo no longer need the power off boot.
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