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Default Re: bad general performance with 8x.xx driver series

Originally Posted by netllama
0) Does this problem persist with an official kernel without PREEMPT?
1) If you disable the console framebuffer graphics (vesafb, etc) does that have any impact?
I got a little question not related to the problem of the thread's author, but it's about performance as well:
In what ways can preemption or the kernel framebuffer affect 3D performance of a graphics card? As far as I know, PREEMPT only makes the kernel able to interrupt it's work which is good for userspace apps and the framebuffer is only working on the virtual consoles.
I have enabled PREEMPT and I am using the VESA framebuffer as well, but I think my system is running somewhat fast and reliable (3D as well, i.e. UT2k4 has usually more than 100 FPS, sometimes above 200 at 1024x768 AA and AF disabled, with a P4 2.0 GHz and a GeForce4 Ti4600)

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