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Default Inno3D GeForce 6200 flickers :S

Ok, so I bought 6200, since my old card started to behave very strange, it froze about 5 min in any 3D game. Put the card into my mobo, all nice and dandy. Every seemed to work alright.

So a day later I go into World of WarCraft, only to find that every transparent objects, erm have black blocks appearing there randomly. I tested few other games and none of this happened again, although I found that StarCraft also behaves strangely, with strange pixels appearing in the loddy...randomly.

Right, but the main problems didn't become apparent to me for a while. The screen seems to flicker, as in it goes black and then returns to normal. This keeps happening...quite randomly, or at least I couldn't find any pattern at this time, to why it's happening.

So the question is, what's going on? Anyone had similar problems?

Here's my PC specs:

Motherboard: MSI KT6V-LSR
Processor: AMD 2800+
Video: Inno3D 6200 256MB
Sound: Inbuilt
RAM: 2 Sticks of Kingston, totalling 768 of DDR memory

Now did I miss anything...I don't think so. Any help would be...erm...helpful. Also I got all the lastest drivers for everything. So I don't think it's a driver problem. Could it be mobo conflict? As my previous card started to behave strange for no apparent reason other than Windows completely dying.
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