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Default Re: Suspend/Hibernate - does it work for you?

  1. What suspend method did you use? (e.g. suspend-to-ram, swsusp in kernel, suspend2, etc.) Suspend2 (S3 and S4)
  2. Did it work? Yes
  3. Your software setup (nvidia driver version, distro, kernel version, suspend version if applicable) nVidia 8756, FC5, 2.6.16-2084, Suspend 2.2.4
  4. Your hardware (Chipset, GeForce model, mainboard, CPU) Go 7800, Dell Inspiron e1705, Core Duo T2400 (SMP enabled in kernel .config)
  5. If it didn't work for you, and you feel like describing the problem - tell us about where it failed, any debugging attempts, etc. Framebuffer works with vga=791 appended to kernel. Compiled AGP as modules.

Works great with 8756...never worked with 8178. Haven't tested console framebuffer with TwinView on - I hear it corrupts the vga consoles.
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