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Default Re: Suspend/Hibernate - does it work for you?


for what it's worth :
  1. (Suspend method) Suspend-to-ram (was formely using acpid but no longer need it, using now klaptop from KDE after usb kernel module issues disappeared during suspend).
  2. (Worked?) Yes
  3. (SW setup) 8756 drivers, Debian Unstable, Kernel 2.6.16 (vanilla) + mm patch.
  4. (HW) Dell Latitude 800, GeForce4 4200 Go
  5. (Problem Desc.) Used to have many problems with the 7xxx and 81xx series, had to patch for resume-from-S3 + build issues + blank screen, garbled VTs, etc. The latest driver has none of these issues. Only hotkey switching is screwed. I emulate it with twinview, although that's not exactly what I would like.
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