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Default nVidia driver 1.0-8178 on FreeBSD 6.0 freezes system

Greetings all from Australia!

I have installed the FreeBSD nVidia driver 1.0-8178 built from source and BSD patches from the updated /usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver directory. OS is FreeBSD 6.0, clean off a new distributor DVD, but with Gnome updated fully to 2.12.

The issue is that after a random amount of time, from almost right away after starting X to many hours later, the display freezes, and indeed the whole system locks up tight, and needs a hardware reset to restart. My UFS filesystems are not happy about this arrangement There are no diagnostic messages or errors of any type anywhere in any logs that I can locate. I note that this behaviour is very similar to another posting in this newsgroup.

At first I thought this matter was due to using a twin screen configuration, but after experiment, it turns out that this occurs with either TwinView enabled or not.

The system has an MSI graphics card, chip: nVidia Corporation NV28 [GeForce4 Ti 4200 AGP 8x] rev 161, successfully used with nVidia drivers for other OS's in twinview configuration for quite a few years.

I do not experience any such issue using the vanilla nv driver, only with the nvidia driver.

Do any of the good folks at nVidia have any idea what may be happening? Reading this newsgroup, I get the feeling that this defect is a common thread that is emerging.

Since I am relatively new to FreeBSD, I am not certain what collateral debug/diagnostic information would be useful to post here. Perhaps others could suggest what to provide.

Of course, it is indeed necessary to register thanks to nVidia for bothering to support this fine operating system. This is appreciated, and thoughtful and farsighted of nVidia Corporation. This has to be repeated often, because it is very special, and I reckon many folks really do appreciate this a lot.

Thanks people. Any ideas, though? Any pointers would be terrific! A bit like having a Ferrari, but stuck in the workshop all the time!

Andrew Bernard
Melbourne, Australia
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