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Unhappy Enabled SATA2 and lost 1608 3dMarks! :(

Downloaded Hitachi's Feature Tool and set my Deskstar to run at SATA2 as previously it had only been at the default of SATA. Rebooted and confirmed in Device manager my Harddisk speed has correctly gone from 1.5 gb/s to 3 gb/s.

Ran HD Tach before and after I activated the SATA2.

Before @ SATA quick test >>

After @ SATA2 quick test >>

Before @ SATA long test >>

After @SATA2 long test >>

So everything seems ok there i'm getting increased speeds using SATA2, I did notice the CPU utilisation was higher on SATA2 on the quicktest but on longtest it was 1% lower?

Now heres the part I am baffled by, 3d Mark @ SATA

3dMark @ SATA2

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