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Default 6800 GT + GART driver problem

Ive had a problem with my comp after i changed the motherboard to nforce3 (old one got broken). Ever since 3d applications and games work normally at start, but then after few minutes freeze for 5-10 seconds, after which they run normal again, except the fps in most games goes down by over 15. The freezing only happens once. My 3d card is Gainward 6800 GT Golden Sample.

Ive managed to find out the problem is somehow related to nforce3 GART driver. If i uninstall it the freezing is gone, but even bigger problems come as games slow down ALOT. I have tried the GART driver that came with the mobo, the newest official, and the one that came with nforce beta drivers (GART 4.40).

I searched this forum already and found over year old posts discussing the same issue, with nvidia looking into the problem. Has there been any fix to it? Has nvidia made any comment about it?

I found out a way around it, by lowering my 3d card clock speeds (default 400/1100, to 350/1000), but that really sucks cause i have never overclocked the card, and downgrading it to fix a driver problem just feels wrong.
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