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Default brand new Club 3D 6600 - sluggish?

Hi all,

I just put a new 6600 Club 3D card in my box (P4 1.8 with 512MB ram) running Debian unstable with xorg 7.
When I tried to run glxgears from a console window it seemed to run really slow compared to what I remember seeing with my MX4000!
Additionally I can't see framerates anywhere, if I recall correctly framerates would appear in the console from where glxgears was started, right?

How would I go on and check the performance of my new card?
UT2003 and Quake3 seem ok but I don't really notice any improvement although I went from a card with only 32MB of ram to one with 256MB of ram and a much higher GPU!!!
Is there another app to check on this?
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