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Default nv works; nvidia fails: Insufficient Memory Bandwith

I'm running Debian Unstable, using kernel 2.6.16 and 7.0, on an nForce motherboard (that's right, I'm a cheapskate: nForce, NOT nForce2). I'm mostly interested in 2D acceleration. I've got a Proview 770 LCD monitor. I can run the nv driver in 1280x1024 @ 60Hz.

That was often slow (scrolling in Google Maps took forever), so I used the nVidia installer 8756 to get accelerated graphics. Unfortunately, it only goes to 1024x768, claiming:
Insufficient memory bandwidth for MetaMode "1280x1024"
But it works fine in Windows. And nv gets 1280x1024. I assume there's some switch I can set to get it to ignore that. Where is it?
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