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Default nvsound, 5.1 problem


My motherboard is Epox 9npa+ (nforce4 ultra). I have truble with internal sound - can't set up 5.1. I set up nvsound driver, unmute all channels, but center and lfe has no sound with xine and mplayer. Rear and front is ok.

I have the same with alsa and snd_intel8x0. With aslamixer parameter Channels = 6ch
#speaker-test -Dsurround51 -c 6
Rear and front is ok. center and lfe has no sound.

But, if Channels = 2ch
#speaker-test -Dsurround51 -c 6
all speakers has sound - fornt as front, center as left rear and so on.

Under WindowsXP with the same speaker configuration all is ok.

Help me please.

P.S. Sorry for my english.
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