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Angry Serious VSync problem....

Under Ubuntu Breezy, Geforce 6600, I use two screens in my xorg.conf (see below) - no twinview/xinerama, in order to have to different independant screens with 2 different resolutions, and not to have to choose to sync the display with one of the two screens.

However, I have the following problems :

- very very frequently the vsync on either of the screens is not active and I get some very very bad tearing. (yes, I ticked everything in the nvidia settings app !) I have to switch the resolution to get it back working.

- the overscan settings I set either in my xorg or in nvidia settings are frequently not restored.

Overall, I very frequently have to do two actions to display a movie properly on my tv, which is quite annoying Does anyone have an idea ?

(note : used apps : cedega on the lcd, kaffeine on the tv)
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