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Default Re: Problem with Linux IA32 Graphics Drivers Version: 1.0-8756

could be that your xorg.conf has twinview enabled and X starts on the external display. But if you haven't got any external display, you cannot see X start, your primary display is left blank if the metamode used at X start is NULL for the primary display. In this case, if you have some metamodes defined in your xorg.conf, switch through them (Ctrl-Alt-numpad+ or -) and see if something shows up on the primary display.

It happens to me since I use twinview with this driver to emulate hotkey switching (switch CRT/LCD in non twinview mode broken with this driver version). When X starts on my laptop, it uses a metamode where the primary display is NULL. Having no secondary display most of the time, I get a blank screen on my prim. one. I just have to switch to the next metamode (I will try to reorder the whole thing in some way, eventually).
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