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Default Deinterlace - Xorg7 - 8756 - MythTV

Ok here goes...

Running MythTV 0.19 under FC5 / Xorg7 using 8756 drivers from ATrpms - kernel 2.6.16-1.2080

Using TVOut - if I set TVStandard to PAL-B/G (being from AU) and select a de-interlace method (well I've only tried bob) the Xorg CPU usage shoots up to near 50-60% - turn de-interlace off and everything goes to no normal. I was at this stage ready to blame mythTV for a ****e de-interlacing problem...

However if I select a TVStandard like HD576i then I can turn bob on no worries!?! and looks a LOT better - this would be all apples except the only mode that seems to work under this TVStandard is 800x600@60Hz - which looks all ripply (for want of a better word), esp compared to 640x480 I run under PAL-B/G

So any ideas to get this happening properly!?
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