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Default Re: Need testers for unoffical NVIDIA automation script

I have some comments:

- Simply doing 'yum update kernel kernel-devel' will fetch a kernel that'll allow non-GPL modules, I don't think people new to Linux should be given an experimental kernel release.
- A forced reboot seems pretty over the top, let the user decide when to do that.
- The patch you're applying was fixes for 8178, which I don't believe is necessary with 8756.
- Not sure what you're trying to do with linking a directory to the nvidia library and driver. Anyways, no such thing needs to be done.
- The HW cursor bug isn't affecting everybody, so it probably shouldn't be disabled for everybody.
- Most of your 'prerequisities' isn't needed.

Sorry, but the script seems a bit useless
In my experience, just following the steps in works perfectly. Automating this isn't really necessary, and will probably just further confuse users.
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