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Default Switched to 7900GT(XFX) with FPD2185W Monitor NOW BLANK SCREEN PROBLEM.

Subject says it all.

I went from SAME montior with SLI 6600GT's to Single 7900GT and now my monitor turns off.

startx --loglevel 6 shows noEDID information. I will at what has been suggested tonight and at the refresh to my mode(lines) "1680x1050_75" and "1680x1050_60".

But I get many likes can't calculate, I think it was something like, "Backfill" or "Back light" timming?

I've tried all the NoEDID crap and flavors. BUT EDID I beleives was working with 6600gt's and no doesn't with 7900GT. I2C changes maybe?

Kernel is Gentoo 2.6.15-r8
Monitor is DFP Gateway FPD2185W 16:10 Apect Ratio.

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