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Default Re: segfault during gcc-version-check w/ 8756 drivers on amd64 system?

I'm also using debian sid amd64, xorg 7.0, gcc 4.0.3 (Debian 4.0.3-1), but i'm not getting any gcc version check failures. The only difference i'm assuming is you're using the latest pre-built kernel from apt? i'm using a self-compiled kernel from source.

The trouble with sid is the various dependent packages are often updated at different times. It could be out of date kernel headers, or mismatching headers, or just a bug in the gcc packages. I compiled both my kernel and the nvidia driver today with the exact same gcc 4.0.3-1 package as yours though, with no errors at all.

The nvidia-installer version check is probably not in error, as aside from our kernel and kernel-headers, we're both on the exact same environment and package versions. I'd assume that the problem lies within one of the kernel debs you're using.

Have you tried installing a different kernel and headers?

also if you haven't apt-get dist-upgrade on sid for a while, older versions of base packages can get partly left behind by much newer packages when you do finally upgrade and cause all kinds of nasty issues.
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