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Default Performance of my shiny new 7800GS a bit disapointing

I just made the huge upgrade to a Gainward 7800GS (from a 4200ti no less!), and while it is much faster the performance isn't what I'd have imagined it would be.

For example, I imagined I could play Quake4 in 1600x1200 in high quality without FSAA and keep the framerate pegged at 60fps.

Now I've got the card, at particuarly frantic moments, the frame rate drops to about 11fps, and only really hits 60 when there are no characters on the screen. For almost all combat it drops below 25fps.

Likewise, UT2004. On the Torlan map under the same settings the card struggles to keep the frame rate over 40fps.

Is this normal? The system is Ubuntu Dapper (which carries the 8756 driver) with an Athlon XP 3000 and a gig of RAM. I don't have a Windows partition to compare with.

Any suggestions what I can do to help this?
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