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Default How can I tell what VRefresh im running?

The KDE screen config tools say I'm at 50hz, my DFP's hardware config menu says 60hz, I have no way of determining what my TV is at, however, ever since upgrading to the latest drivers I've had terrible vsync issues. Things will only sync to one screen or the other, despite the fact both are SUPPOSED to be running at 60hz. One screen will tear like heck, while the other will be fine, that makes no sense. They're both supposed to be at 60hz, and it was fine in the older drivers.

I have an NTSC TV. When I disable TV out, the kde tools say I'm at 60hz. Otherwise, 50hz, but my TV wouldn't even work at 50hz as it's NTSC. Something very whacky is happening inside the nvidia drivers, it's like there's a software refresh rate and a hardware.

This, and the DFP scaling being broken(you can't change how the LCD scales)...what should I do?

Why was the syncing code even touched? This release would be practically flawless...
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