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Thumbs up Linux on GA-K8N Pro-SLI mobo

Here is some information I wish had been available when I upgraded my system recently.

Yes, the Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro-SLI motherboard is supported by Linux!

-sata_nv driver for SATA
-Network: nVidia CK804/Cicada CIS8201, use forcedeth
-Audio: nVidia CK804/Realtek ALC850, use snd-intel8x0
-USB, use ohci-hcd and ehci-hcd
-IEEE 1394 Texas Instruments TSB82AA2 IEEE-1394b, use ohci1394
-i2c_nforce2 for nForce4 I2C bus
-ITE IT8712F sensor chip, use it87 driver in Hardware Monitoring section
-infrared: unsure, not using

These drivers should all be available in stock kernels from major distributions (I think). This means Ubuntu and Fedora and stuff probably work. I use a custom kernel, and here is where to find the drivers in the kernel config menus.

-Power management options
	-CPU Frequency scaling
		-AMD Opteron/Athlon64 PowerNow!
-Device Drivers
		-AMX and nVidia IDE support (unsure if this is necessary)
		-AMD CS5535 chipset support (unsure if this is necessary)
		-SCSI low-level drivers
			-NVIDIA SATA support
	-IEEE 1394 (FireWire) support
	-Network device support
		-Ethernet (10 or 100Mbit)
			-Reverse Engineered nForce Ethernet support (EXPERIMENTAL)
		-I2C Hardware Bus support
			-Nvidia nForce2, nForce3, and nForce4
	-Hardware Monitoring support
		-ITE IT87xx and compatibles
		-Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
			-PCI devices
				-Intel/SiS/nVidia/AMD/ALi AC97 Controller
	-USB support
		-EHCI HCD (USB 2.0) support
		-OHCI HCD support
Even though the network driver is in the 10/100 section, I have read that it supports gigabit.

Athlon64 X2 Warning
I started with kernel, but had some problems. gkrellm would sporadically update much faster than usual and the time would change rapidly. mozilla made some basic errors while running a page with asynchronous, timed JavaScript calls. mythtv had errors in mpeg4 streaming. The only fix I found was the kernel boot option "maxcpus=1". Upgrading to kernel fixed this problem. This should not be a problem on single-core CPUs (X2 only).

I recommend enabling Smart Fan Control in the BIOS. It will make the cpu fan quieter.
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