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Default Re: DDO 10 day pass?

Originally Posted by Lazaredz
allready got it ... thanks for the heads up though.

Kinda fun so far ... I'm not familiar with anything beyond D&D 2.0, so this is all new. Don't like the Warforged ..... what do you mean no half-elfs or hlaf-orcs???

I think it COULD be very fun with the right group.
The reason there are no Half-Elves or Half-Orcs is due to the world the game is set in. Its not set in the Forgotten Realms universe but another created recently called Eberron. The reason for the use of another universe other then the known one was that since it was new and ripe, they could do what they wanted without having fans going ape****. Could you imagine the troubles if they had to model famous cities and they missed a single important point...
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