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Default Re: FC5 8756 drivers NVIDIA GO 5700FX 128MB, P4 3Ghz Alienware Laptop

I'm re-installing the whole OS because I keep having alot of wasted files on my machine with each different install I've done, that and the fact that some of the times I couldn't even boot because it went to that metallic brown screen. I did actually install the SDK, as far as the -s option, I'm not using -s to install it, I literally went to the sticky, copy and pasted those lines in, then went to a command line and did sh (package), that didn't work and said it couldn't find the kernel so I had to tell it where to find the source path. Does copy and pasting those 2 lines from the sticky not install the sdk? it has a line for it. I finally just redid my computer again, and untill I find a solution posted to this i'm just going to run doom 3 in windows xp I guess. The thing is, i've gotten the drivers to install correctly one time, and when I use 3rd party drivers it installs correctly, but the problem is that when they are loaded, I get this cool looking metallic rust brown screen with strange patterns in it, that eventually fades out to white (I've quickly rebooted in case it was set for the wrong monitor or something to prevent it from damaging my display). The thing is, I've had the drivers installed and actually got them to compile after i posted that log, but it took me back to the brown screen. Is there some possible resolution problem?
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