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Default Re: 1.0-8756 fails to detect internal dual-link TMDS on 7900GT

I can tell you right off that NO EDID value comes back from the T221 monitor -nada zilch, nothing. The driver considers it a CRT if the ConnectedMonitor is removed. I even tried the read-edid utility from that guy in Germany and it too fails to read the EDID.

Like I said in the original post, the Modeline comes straight from the config file used with the Radeon 8500 - no change was made. I have had to go back to the machine with the Radeon 8500 for now and the T221 continues to work just fine with the very same Modeline.

Furthemore, the Modeline WORKS if the non-T221 monitor is connected to the 7900GT at initialization and then the cables are swapped. Please acknowledge that you understand this key point, I can elaborate further if needed.

I spent all weekend narrowing this down - and going back and forth recabling is not an easy task because half the time I am flying blind - the only difference is the dual-link vs single-link TMDS reporting. The 7900GT is a dual-link card, so there is obviously something wrong if the driver is reporting it as a single-link TMDS.
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