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Default Re: Performance of my shiny new 7800GS a bit disapointing

Exactly one gig of RAM, plus half a gig on the card. I've thought about getting an extra gig, but I've never seen my computer hit the swap file so far.

The problem seems to have been partly fixed last night when the Ubuntu guys pushed out a new kernel.

I noticed straight away (without going into a game) that something was different when the transparent select-a-rectangle thingy was much smoother on the KDE desktop. Previously this had been very slow on my machine for reasons I could never quite work out. The transparency is software-rendered, so I thought the problem was moving large pixmaps in and out of the gfx card.

Anyway, Quake4 plays OK now. Not as good as other people have got with the same card, but pretty good. In 1600x1200 and ultra mode with 4xAA and 4xAF I now get about 50fps! Not bad compared to the 18 I was sometimes getting before.

I'd still like to get fast writes enabled to bypass system ram when going CPU -> graphics card and haven't quite worked out how to do that yet, but I'm able to have a bit of fun in games now!
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