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Default nv-1.0-8756 in xenU somewhat working, problems with USB


First of all, please let me explain what i'd like to achive:

I'd like to create a multi-seat environment with two 7800GTX PCIe
cards, two PCI sound cards, two mice and two keyboards, so that
two people can work simultaneously on the same computer using
different operating systems (i.e. Linux, BSD, Solaris or potentially
even some flaviour of Windows - this is not yet possible as of xen-3.0
without virtualization support by CPU, so my current experiments
are Linux-only).

What i did:
1. Installed Fedora Core 5 on physical computer
2. Installed Fedora Core 5 on virtual computer (using qemu).
3. Installed Xen-3.0.2 from source on the physical computer
(as described in a previous post in this forum).
4. Installed the unified xen0/xenU kernel on the virtual computer
5. Configured gdm on the virtual computer to use "-shartvt vt1"
6. Installed an second PCI USB controller card, isolated it from
the xen0 domain and dedicated it to the xenU domain.

This basically works, means: the physical computer boots linux
and the X-server comes up on the first 7800GTX. Then i log in and
start then virtual computer (xm create ...) and another X-server
comes up on the second 7800GTX showing the gdm login window.

Now here's the problem: The second USB mouse works great, but for the
second USB keyboard it is only possible to do one ore two key strokes,
then the keyboard is dead. When rebooting the virtual machine, then i can
again type one or two letters before the keyboard stops operations.

Another observation is that the physical computer got pretty unstable
after adding the PCI USB controller - so i guess that hardware is broken?

Any ideas?


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