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Default Re: FC5 8756 drivers NVIDIA GO 5700FX 128MB, P4 3Ghz Alienware Laptop

Ok, I ran that command, it threw me back out to a command prompt, I looked for a nvidia-bug-report.log, I didn't find one, where should I be looking for it in? I looked in /var/log, nothing. I don't think this is actually an error with the drivers, it's almost as if the monitor is set to the wrong refresh rate or something, it's abit more complex than what I see on my desktop CRT if it's at the wrong refresh rate, i've never actually seen a laptop screen go out of range, but there are horizontal lines in the middle as if the resolution is too high or something, and it seems to change over time, one time I ran x it actually looked like there were icons, the only thing is it's not flipping, and my mouse moving doesn't do anything to the screen... is there a way to run a "safemode" type display?

<EDIT> hold on, i typed --logverbose 6 instead of -- -logverbose 6, going back into linux</EDIT>
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