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Default Re: How can I tell what VRefresh im running?

Originally Posted by AaronP
Are you sure you have the newest version of nvidia-settings installed? I get that error if I try to use the 8178 version of nvidia-settings with the 8756 driver. nvidia-settings should have been installed along with the rest of the driver if you used the .run installer.
Apparently, gentoo's ebuild is out of date. I installed the nvidia-settings part manually.
Attribute 'RefreshRate' (, display device: DFP-0): 6002.
That's with TV out off

Attribute 'RefreshRate' (, display device: TV-0): 5995.
'RefreshRate' is an integer attribute.
'RefreshRate' is a read-only attribute.
'RefreshRate' is display device specific.
'RefreshRate' can use the following target types: X Screen, GPU
Attribute 'RefreshRate' (, display device: DFP-0): 5995.

That's with it on. Is that normal?

Edit: I'm still having tearing issues, if I sync to the TV it's ok on the TV but not on the TV, if I sync to the DFP it's ok on the DFP but not on the TV. I don't think I had this issue with the older drivers..or was it always impossible to sync to both screens even if they are running at the same vrefresh?

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