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Angry Re: FC5 8756 drivers NVIDIA GO 5700FX 128MB, P4 3Ghz Alienware Laptop

hi givin up already, I have a toshiba satellite pro with geforce4 420 go laptop and facing the same problem and bad news havent got it fixed yet. but there are some points that I would like to discuss... On my desktop it installs fine amd atlon 2600+xp and nvdidia runs fine with kernel, so the prob is with mobile go cards only .....

I have the latest kernel installed with riva support off even not as a module, latest driver 8756 and installed nd I even see the modprobve nvidia running fine.

I have xorg sdk installed 2 also i have also posted my log file in the forums but no 1 is helpin me out, I think dat is cos mobile graphics r a bit frightenin nd same card took my 2 days on fc4 as well so i m nt new 2 trobleshooting my stuff. If I find some solution I will surely post it over here b cya
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