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Radeon 9700 is the evolutionary step of the 8500, whereas NV30 is truly revolutionary.
OMFG, tell me your joking right? You forget that there are only a few things that set the NV30 and R9700 a part. The NV has can excuite more vertex/pixel shaders per pass and has better flow control. Thats it. Also the R9700 can do everything that is publicy know about the NV30 it just takes more pases. This is just like the PS1.4 on the R8500 vrs PS 1.3 on the GF4. Please explain how two parts with almost the same feature set can be so different?

It takes time to do what they did with NV30, mainly because it had not been done before!
The only really new thing the nV has is its made on the .13 micron process which is not revolutionary.
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