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Default Squished fonts with TwinView & forced DPI

I am getting squished fonts in apps that don't use XFT, such as those using GTK1. XFT-using Qt/KDE and GTK2 look just fine, as you can see in the KDE titlebars in the screenshots below.

The font problem only occurs when using TwinView and a forced DPI, either by setting a DPI in xorg.conf, or by using the -dpi X startup option. When not using TwinView, fonts are normal. When the nvidia driver sets the DPI itself (defaulting to 75x75, as it can't detect the montior's EDID), fonts are normal. Has this happened with anyone else? This occurs in driver versions 7676, 8178, and 8756. I am running Debian Testing/Unstable, with 6.9.0.

From xdpyinfo, when I use Option "DPI" "88x88" in xorg.conf:
dimensions:    2552x1050 pixels (737x303 millimeters)
resolution:    88x88 dots per inch
Screenshots & logfile:

Non-twinview, forced 88x88 DPI - normal fonts
Twinview, default 75x75 DPI - normal fonts
Twinview, forced 88x88 DPI - squished fonts

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