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Default Re: FC5 8756 drivers NVIDIA GO 5700FX 128MB, P4 3Ghz Alienware Laptop

The thing is I think it might actually have to do with the screen, everything is installing fine, no errors, it actually looks like it's an out of monitor range error, but i've never actually seen that on one of these flat screens, so i'm not sure what that would look like, it doesn't seem to flip or make that noise a cathode ray tube does, but it does seem to vary and look like the monitor is actually out of its display range.

I've checked xorg.conf and it looks like it's configured correctly, unless by default the drivers are jacking my frequency up and not displaying that, or there's a bug where the card itself outputs higher than it should, I'm prety much giving up because the tech people in here keep insisting it's something wrong with the driver installation, and don't seem to realize that when i generate a log, my screen isn't working, and the proprietary nvidia drivers overwrite neccesary fedora files to switch back to the old drivers (this comes straight from redhat, they posted a message saying not to use nvidia or you're 100% unsupported by them and that the drivers will be overwritten).

So how am I supposed to get a log when i can't even get into x? I haven't found a command line way to transfer the files, and I don't want to mess up my windows xp file system by writing them to there because i'm using ntfs, and honestly i'm tired of re-installing my computer over and over again, and I seriously don't want to somehow damage my monitor if those brown/green/silver screens i'm getting are an out of frequency problem.

I have windows xp dual booting on my laptop, I really installed linux for... umm... "security testing" purposes, I was just going to free up some of my hardrive in windows by playing doom3 in linux. Oh well, I hope they eventually resolve this, I'm assuming it doesn't have to do with the drivers, but something to do with my monitor, or maybe the drivers just don't support my go card, or my screen, not really sure and I haven't felt like digging through the internet to find out what the brand/name of this screen on my alienware is, as even when I use 3rd party drivers it's still giving me the blank screen, and those use yum install, so there isn't really any way I can be installing them incorrectly.

I might mess with it after my finals are over next week but for the last week+ i've wasted alot of time trying to get this to work and made absolutely NO progress past the fact I can now install the NVIDIA drivers in addition to the 3rd party ones, and get the same results. I don't have them installed at the moment and untill the next 2 weeks am not messing with it I doubt, but have you tried plugging in a regular monitor into your laptop? if it does work on the monitor that you plugged in, it's a problem with these monitor screens, if you do this can you post back what happened? I'm going to try it next week probablly but for now I really don't have time anymore.
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