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Default Re: black screen - kernel 2.6 - gf6600

I have this problem with Windows and GeForce 6600 256MB AGP being recognised as GeForce Go 6600 GT....
and I managed to get it working without resorting to BIOS flashing.

I connected my Compaq VGA monitor to the Digital DVI-I output port on the card using the supplied converter in the box.

And it works ! - no more black screen !

Card is still recognised wrong, but all the clock speeds / mem speeds are accurate to plain 6600.
It would appear that the recognition of the card as one from a laptop, causes the VGA output to be "disabled".

oh and btw - I logged in using a password on Bugmenot - which I apologise for and thought you should know about the "loophole".... ( In my defence, I really couldn't be bothered to register to a Linux forum to make this one post that may be useful to readers of a thread I found when trying to find an online fix for this problem )

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