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Default Re: 720x576 TV-out with Chrontel 7007

IMHO the ideal TV-OUT configuration would be to always configure 1:1 scaling in the encoder, generate a modeline that provides the resulting horizontal and vertical resolution (depending on TV standard), and offer the user some way to set the borders of the visible area depending on the overscan characteristics of his TV set (e.g. by tweaking the modeline using xvidtune or similar).

The result would be an odd resolution, but at least there is no unnecessary scaling involved.
I think the current solutions (to go via a "standard" resolution like 800x600 and then scale it and add fixed borders) are inherited from the Windows world, where users and some software expect standard resolutions.
There is no such situation in Linux, I have always used "nonstandard" resolutions under X, e.g. to make the pixels square and have the best achievable resolution on the monitor I happened to own.
This is possible on VGA by tweaking the modeline, and it would be nice if the same was possible on TV-OUT.

(fortunately my current TV has VGA input so I no longer have to fight this war)
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