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Why would that make me a hypocrite?

I think in fact that is my point.

I currently own a 9700Pro and a 9700Pro AIW, R3D is a wonderful place for support with great help and fairly regular posts from ATI's own development people, I haven't seen any other site for any other companies graphics cards with such excellent and thorough support forums. It is very much a fan site; I wonder how it made it through all the years when ATI cards weren't exactly on top.

Before I bought an ATI 7500 for the first iteration of my HT box I never went there. Why would I? Their news sucks unless you are only interested in ATI cards; the forum regulars aren't exactly unbiased in their opinions of other graphics cards.

R3D holds a unique position in really being the only place to go if you own an ATI card simply because the quality of the support is so good and they get the best ATI news bits. It is a quirk of fate that R3D was the only ATI site left standing when the 9700Pro burst on the scene and ATI suddenly became the favorite enthusiasts card.

I don't think anyone would expect an unbiased review out of Rage 3D, perhaps that is why it was not given a 5600 review card by ATI, even with honest numbers it would not be a fair review, how could it be?

Are you saying that I should expect unbiased reviews from Nvnews even though it seems in the last few they have taken on a noticeably biased slant?

Being a fan-site is fine but there are sure a lot of Nvidia fan-sites hurting these days and IMO Nvnews has the ability and talent in its staff to be a more than decent Hardware site. I thought that was the direction it was heading.

I guess it's all in what Nvnews wants to be, it looks like in the recent weeks they may have decided on being strictly a fan-site.
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