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Default Re: FC5 8756 drivers NVIDIA GO 5700FX 128MB, P4 3Ghz Alienware Laptop

Very usefull info, the one thing is, I know how to change back to the nv driver, apparently something in the nvidia installer overwrites neccesary files for x to boot correctly, after I install them even if i change my driver back to nv, it boots, but then it freezes at the initialization screen, it posts up window manager icon and then doesn't put up the others in the list, it just hangs there. (It is actually posted on fedoras site not to use the driver off of this site unless you want to completely overwrite your old drivers) I've also sucessfully installed the driver, there are no errors, it seems like it's an out of frequency error and i've seen a couple of other people having this problem. Do you know any way to send an error log from a command line past writing to my ntfs file system?
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