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Default Multiple X Screens and IceWM

I use the 'Multiple X Screens on One Card' to configure TV-out. However, I can't get it to play perfectly with IceWM window manager.

My set up is -

Debian Sarge (with backports)
nvidia video card with 81.78 driver (7676 on 2nd machine)
xorg 6.9 (xfree86 4.3 on 2nd machine)
NO display manager, I just use 'startx' from the console
IceWM 1.2.23 (from Debian backports)
X config is for 'Configuring Multiple X Screens on One Card' NOT Twinview

The problem is -

TV-out will only work properly if I run two instances of icewm, using this startup script -


if [ "$DISPLAY" = ":0" -o "$DISPLAY" = ":0.0" ]; then
# launch window manager for second display
eval "env DISPLAY=:0.1 icewm-session 2>/dev/null &"

[ -x $HOME/.icewm/restart ] && . $HOME/.icewm/restart

Doing this costs more in system resources, but if I don't use that script this happens -

X will appear to load on both screens (CRT and TV) but only the CRT is usable - on the TV is just a grey X screen. Even though I can still move the mouse pointer to the TV, I can't run or do anything in it (it won't accept any events at all).

TV output does work the way it's supposed to if the TV is set as the only monitor, or if Twinview configuration is used (I think, but I haven't tried that in a long time). It just won't work in the 'Multiple X screen' set up without the extra hack.

What could be going wrong? I don't notice anything odd in /var/log/(XFree86)Xorg.0.log, ~/.xsession-errors, or the attached nvidia-bugreport.

I know X is configured properly because the setup works flawlessly under Xfce4 desktop, where instead of running itself twice, xfce4 creates a kind of sideways extension of the single desktop space (sort of like another workspace).

Is it possible to set icewm up to run like that? ie. Have tv out just as extended desktop space, rather than a cloned desktop (which costs more in system resources)? I've asked about this on the icewm mailing list but haven't got the right response yet.

Thanks in advance.
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