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Originally posted by [eNv]-LORD-eX-Bu
ROFLMAO, haha, thats a good one Quit posting this BS
Amen to that, we try to put every piece of news we find up.

Obviously don't go to a fan-site for reviews
Ever read one of Mike's reviews, they are completly fair.

it looks to me like the screws are being turned by Nvidia on their own
*hands you your white cane*

you gonna ban everyone who does not think the same way as the nvidia fans here
No and by making that statement you have just crammed your argument in the toilet. No one gets banned because they think differently. They get banned for been @rseholes and complete pricks but never because they have a different view.

my take here is that this place is nvNEWS hence news should be posted... and if you are going to post obscure news that paints a product in bright colors (and yes I do remmeber the first 'OFFICIAL' gf FX benchmark figures posted on the front page here.... showing figures of around 20k points in 3dmark2001se ) you might as well consider posting news articles posting rather detailed info on IQ comparisons in a manner I have personally yet to see...
Good god are you ignorant? Do you remember when the first FX reviews came out? Did we censor all those that showed the FX in bad light? NO we posted them all ffs

Allow me to cry you a river for your poor bleading heart, watching? here it comes >>>>> <<<<<

but it is a true fansite lol... no doubt...
Geee its the name that gave it away isnt it? Damnit Mike I told you they would catch on!
I put children in microwaves.
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