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you gonna ban everyone who does not think the same way as the nvidia fans here
No and by making that statement you have just crammed your argument in the toilet. No one gets banned because they think differently. They get banned for been @rseholes and complete pricks but never because they have a different view.
my comment was addressing something [eNv]-LORD-eX-Bu posted and in context... it is not meant to represent that the mods here are not doing a good job...

his post:

why do you ATI fan boys keep posting this BS flamebait, you don't like it here, GET YOUR ASS OUT!!! Go somewhere else, quit bitching. I don't give a damn what card you own, you damn fanboys are worse than diarreah
and my response is posted above...

now beyond that...

my post :

but it is a true fansite lol... no doubt...
your post :

Geee its the name that gave it away isnt it? Damnit Mike I told you they would catch on!
if you had cared to READ the POST... you would have realised I was talking about rage3d NOT nvNEWs...

the remainder of the quotes you had involving me I will stand by

I dont mind being quoted and mistakes being pointed out... I just don't like being quoted and mis-represented with the flow of my text not being taken as what it was meant to be...

now moving on....

the reason I made the comment about posting of news... is perhaps related to some things posted immediately and others not... however I have mentioned this in another thread... that I am not going to hold newsposters responsible for this as I know how it can be sometimes... we all have lives... and I am sure that the news will be posted as has been done before...
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