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the one i got was faulty (seems that chip was "engeenering only" so flash failled.
after return to reselers (got a new one)
no more pb on windows (still left to test ethernet)

on linux CG seems to work correctly experenced some problem with my usb mouse..... but I still test....

MSI K7N2G(MS-6570) : i don't know (i've the -L version)
IGP means that CG is integrated
abit nforce2 based MB have more configuration option (especialy under voltage control which really usefull if you want to decrease power comsuption)
but I can't find it.......

underclocking works fine (ie using 166 DDR + 166 FSB +under multiplication coef)

sound apu is great (a bit strange but great) : able to do 5.1 to 2 way audio on the usual 3 point audio connector. availlable mode :
2 way +line in +mic
4 way +mirc (line in is used for other way)
5.1 (line in used for rear, mic for sub and central)

CG is a gerforce4Mx (this is not a g4 light (no shader) but rather a G2 Ti improved)

sound card is reported under linux as a via one..... but this is strange to my point of view since previous (nforce1) one was a i810 compatible one... I'vent tested it at this point

under windows ther is no pb

under linux the mb is rather new so expect having some trouble for few months
ide works fine but dma is not enabled by default (u must include a hdparm -d1 line in boot scripts) if you don't u may experence some slowdown when doing huge transferts.
CG is working fine (using last nvidia drivers)
I experienced some trouble on my usb mouse... must check further.... i now use usb->ps2 adaptaters
i haven't tested audio and lan at this point

that's all

ps i forgot : chipset cooling system is a pasv one (so no noise) but is really really hot... if you do watercooling a block can be placed on top without any adapters....

the card don't have 4 holes for waterblock mounting on cpu

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