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Default Re: nv-1.0-8756 in xenU domain working!


just to keep you in the loop (if interessted): instead of using a
second USB controller, i added a PS2 mouse and a PS2 keyboard
for the xen0 domain and used the the onboard USB controller
for the xenU domain exclusively.

It's now possible to play UT2004 at the same time at both
consoles (xen0 and xenu) with decent frame rates (30-50 fps)

However, there are two issues left:

* i can't get german keyboard layout working (i guess it has something
to do with the mandatory "evdev" driver).

* When shutting down the xenU domain, then the system gets stuck
(mouse pointer on the X-Server in xen0 still moves) with a spinlock bug
(i'll try to capture the kernel log and post it at a later time).


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