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Default Quad Display (all with 3d acceleration) on Dual or Quad PCIe/PCI

What I want:
4x 1280x960@85Hz (analogue) bare minimum, if minimum is not technically achievable.
4x 1280x960@100Hz (analogue) at minimum
4x 1600x1200@100Hz (analogue) would be desirable.

It would be nice if I could have support for 4x 1920x1200@60Hz (DVI) in the future.

I will consider quad graphics cards if required or cheaper overall.

All 4 displays should support 3d acceleration. I don't need it to be great, or fast or even linked across the 4 displays. I just want 4 desktops windows, with each capable of 3d acceleration for 3d desktop effects etc. I don't game or want flight sims or anything like that.

I have a Gigabyte K8N Pro SLI (this board is nForce 4 based).
It has 4 PCIx slots on it, as
2x PCIe x1
2x PCIe x16
I don't need the two small PCIe slots for anything.
and two PCI slots.

All empty but for an ATI PCIe card that will be removed.

I don't need/want SLI graphics processing support, I just want the multiple displays.

What are the cheapest nVidia based graphics cards I can achieve this with? (I'm buying in Australia)

I'll be using Fedora Core 5 unless there's a really good reason to use something else.

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