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Originally posted by Sazar
you gonna ban everyone who does not think the same way as the nvidia fans here ?

you are going to have one extremely bland forum then m8...
he actually didn't say anything about banning them. he just said they should get out.

and actually i agree. i'm tired of hearing people whine about what they think nV News should be like. nV News is nV News. it is run and operated by MikeC. and he can do whatever the hell he wants with the site because he pays for it and decides who "works" here.

this is a fan site run by people in their spare time who get no personal gain out of it. do people not realize the news posters have lives and may not feel like or be able to post everything, or that they are human and can miss some stories?

my take here is that this place is nvNEWS hence news should be posted... and if you are going to post obscure news that paints a product in bright colors (and yes I do remmeber the first 'OFFICIAL' gf FX benchmark figures posted on the front page here.... showing figures of around 20k points in 3dmark2001se ) you might as well consider posting news articles posting rather detailed info on IQ comparisons in a manner I have personally yet to see...
i for one never would have posted that. but i'm sure if it wasn't posted people would have asked why it wasn't on the front page.

I don't think anyone would expect an unbiased review out of Rage 3D, perhaps that is why it was not given a 5600 review card by ATI, even with honest numbers it would not be a fair review, how could it be?

Are you saying that I should expect unbiased reviews from Nvnews even though it seems in the last few they have taken on a noticeably biased slant?
i agree. i wouldn't expect Rage3D to put out an unbiased review of an nvidia card. however, i wouldn't say it's impossible. it honestly isn't that hard to write a review/preview that is strictly objective. the catch is that people don't want objective reviews. they want to know what the author thinks about the subject and any inside information he can share.

if you read the forums you will see that many of the moderators have not been happy with nvidia lately. many of those people post news on the front page. why would they be more biased on the front page than in the forums?
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