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Default Re: Squished fonts with TwinView & forced DPI

I have managed to work around the problem by increasing my DPI to 90x90. At 88x88, I got a hint while looking at xfontsel. When picking a font, the 'resx' dropdown presented 75 with 100 greyed out, and 'resy' presented 100 with 75 greyed out.

This looks like some sort of rounding bug -- the x dimension gets rounded down to 75, while y gets rounded up to 100. Both need to be rounded in the same direction. The DPI of 88 is probably borderline case, as 87.5 is the point exactly between 75 and 100.

It seems to be a bug in the NVIDIA driver or in X while TwinView is enabled. Who should I submit the bug report to?
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