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Default Re: Quad Display (all with 3d acceleration) on Dual or Quad PCIe/PCI

Originally Posted by shadroth
I was hoping to find a cheaper solution than dual 7800GTXs, but if none exists, then I may have to re-evaluate.
Sorry, i have overlooked that you are looking for the *cheapest*
solution :-)

Originally Posted by shadroth
From my understanding it's the RAMDAC that determines the max refresh rate and resolution.
From what i have seen so far, pretty much every recent 6xxx/7xxx
series GeForce cards have two RAMDACs at 400MHz, each.

With analog displays, each output should be capable of driving
2048x1536 at 24bpp and 85Hz. Two cheap 6200TC PCIe cards
should do it (the DVI ouput can typical be converted into an
VGA output using an adaptor). A 6200TC may cost about USD 50,
but these cards are getting rare!

For 1920x1200 LCDs with DVI, you need two PCIe cards with two
DVI outputs, each. 2xDVI-I 6600GT cards (i.e. XFX 6600 GT, USD 160)
are getting rare, so you may need to consider buying two 2xDVI-I
7600GTs for about USD 230 each (i.e. XFX 7600GT).
From what i know, DVI-I should be basically sufficient to drive
1920x1200 at 60Hz, but i can remember that there have been
negative reports concerning twinview mode with 2x 1920x1200
(per card) - you may better double-check :-)

Another - not recommended - option is this one:
Check if there is enough free space behind the two PCIe x1 slots. Cut
of the end of the PCIe x1 slots so that you could plug in PCIe x16
video cards. Purchase four cheap PCIe nvidia cards.
There is certainly no guarantee that it will work, but at least this
variant works perfectly fine for my for a SATA PCIe x8 RAID Controller.
BTW.: the performance drop when running UT2004 at x1 instead
of x16 has "only" been 20% - i would have expected a higher
performance penalty (tested with a GF6600).

Originally Posted by shadroth
I'm not sure what component specifies whether acceleration in available on both displays?
3D will be available at any VGA/DVI output and any configuration
(twinview and/or multiscreen mixed with xinerama).


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