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Default Crash in glX routines when linking with electric fence

I've only been able to test this on a machine running FC1 so far. Machine is a Dell M60 w/ a Quadro 500(? - not sure of the model number). This crash only occurs when linking with electric fence. The attached example code is a simple app that creates an OGL window. When you click in the window a new window is created. When you click again the window is then destroyed. And so on...

Depending upon the current context ( See the 'LOOK HERE' comment in the code ) it depends on when the crash occurs. If the current context is also the one that is being destroyed in glXDestroyContext then the crash occurs in glXDestroyContext. ( Per the man page if the current context is destroyed then its release is defered until it is not current ) If the current context is *not* the one being deleted then all is well until a new window is created and that window is make current. Then it crashes again.
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