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Default Re: Nvnews gone back to fan site only?

Originally posted by Yelapaboy
Noticing on a day Hard OCP reviews the new RV350 and there are at least a couple of previews of the new ATI mobile GPUs no mention of them here. Off my favorites list if this keeps up, why would anyone want to be a fanboy of a company? Buy the best for your needs. Obviously don't go to a fan-site for reviews, it looks to me like the screws are being turned by Nvidia on their own.
"Off my favorites list if this keeps up"

You sound like a paying customer complaining about a commercial service. This site is free. You are not a customer. You are a visitor. No-one is forcing you to come here and you have no right to make demands as to its content. It would be like you inviting me to visit your home and me rudely saying "either you change this wallpaper or i'm not coming back". You would be showing me the door.

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