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Heh, after wading through my email that suggests among other things my lower unit is too small, I have credit that needs fixing, a house that need remortgaging, and a picture from what appears to be a 35 year-old heroin addict with pig-tails who calls herself a teen and wants me to visit her site, I have to come here and get bashed? Woe is me!

I really wasn't trying to bait anybody but I was more circumspect than I should have been.

I guess what I really wanted to know was not whether or not this is a fan-site but whether or not Nvidia is putting the screws on sites such as Nvnews and 3Dgpu to toe the line as I had noticed a distinct skewing and selectivity of news posts at both sites recently. I guess this really shouldn't bother me as both sites have excellent message boards that truly are worth visiting but if Nvidia is in fact doing so it does chafe my rear end.

Oh yeah and "Off my favorites list if this keeps up" well, sometimes I say stupid things.
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