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Default Re: [PATCH] nv-1.0-8756 with Xen-3.0.1 on Fedora Core 5

Originally Posted by nodens2099
force_evtchn_callback and xen_features are unknown as well
This is also true for a vanilla kernel. If you compile a (debian) kernel
from scratch anyway, you may consider applying the kernel patch
mentioned in the other post (see link above): it will export all three
symbols. Then you can omit the manual linking stage.

Originally Posted by nodens2099
I'm not familiar with kernel development, and have only little knowledge of C, but I'll try to add printk() where it makes sense as you suggests.
No need to have deeper insights in this case: just open nv-vm.c
in a text editior, look for "nv_vm_malloc_pages" (line 398)
and add something like "printk("line number xxx\n");" i.e. in (all?)
empty lines between line 413 and 575. Then re-compile and report
the modprobe output.


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